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    It occurs more commonly in older people with atherosclerosis, leading to narrowing of the channel where the blood flows.

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    Hypertension caused by RAS is called secondary hypertension. This means that, unlike essential or primary hypertension the most common form of high blood pressure, which does not have a specific known causesecondary hypertension does have a specific cause. In some cases, diagnosing and treating RAS can result in decreasing or eliminating the need to take medication for hypertension.

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    The narrowing of the kidney arteries in RAS is usually due to atherosclerosis; more rarely it can be caused by abnormal growth of tissue within the wall of the artery. The latter condition, called fibromuscular dysplasia, is potentially curable and is more common in women and younger age groups but can also occur later in life.

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    When atherosclerosis is the cause of RAS, it is especially important to be evaluated and treated for related diseases of the heart and brain, since they are also susceptible to narrowed arteries. Atherosclerosis in those organs can lead to heart attack or stroke. Rarely, a person may have symptoms related to high blood pressure such as fatigue, headache, or dizziness.

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    Doppler ultrasound measures the speed of the blood flow within the arteries to the kidney. Magnetic resonance arteriogram and computed tomographic angiography are imaging studies that use contrast medium to produce a 3-dimensional image of the kidney and its blood vessels.

    This may require 3 or more different drugs.

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    Don't smoke. Control diabetes if it is present. Control cholesterol, taking medications if necessary. Renal artery angioplasty and stenting are only done if blood pressure cannot be controlled with medications or if blood tests indicate a significant worsening of kidney function.

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